Hot and Bothered??!!

by Annie Vedeler, Women's Health Acupuncturist

Hot and Bothered??!!, Tao of Women Clinic in Tempe, AZAre you noticing that you feel hot in the evenings and others around you seem to be fine with the room temperature?  Has your temper been on the shorter side?  Maybe you've noticed that you are having more bad hair days because your hair is dry and frizzy?  Or you are waking in a sweat in the middle of the night? If any of these sound familiar, you might be experiencing something known as perimenopause.  This is just a fancy word to mean a collection of symptoms that happen "around" menopause.  Women usually start experiencing a few of these signs in their '40's but in some women it can begin in their '30's. Menopause begins after perimenopause and is defined by a medical doctor as the time when a year has passed after a women's last menstrual period.  When a woman  reaches menopause, she can no longer reproduce.  All women will experience at least some of these symptoms as their ovaries begin to produce less and less estrogen and while they can produce mild discomfort, some women experience stronger, more lifestyle disrupting symptoms.  Here is a more extensive list of perimenopausal symptoms.  Keep in mind that you do not have to have all of these to be experiencing perimenopause:

~hot flashes
~night sweats
~dryness of vagina (discomfort during sex), dry        skin and hair
~breast tenderness
~mood swings/irritability
~irregular periods
~urinary symptoms such as frequency or leakage

When a woman seeks out natural solutions for these symptoms, she is relieved to know that there is help for her.  Acupuncture along with customized herbal formulas, can gently balance her hormones, calm her anxiety and moodiness, increase clear energy, decrease or eliminate pain from inflammation and restore her sense of well-being.