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~I worked with Annie for about 3-4 months while trying to conceive our first baby about a year ago. She was a wealth of information, so warm and kind and welcoming to my many many questions along the way! My time with her truly felt like a mix of talk therapy, Eastern medicine and a supportive friend to talk to along the journey! I've given her name to many friends as I have no doubt she could help anyone get pregnant after my experience and time spent with her. I have no doubt I'll continue to see her in the future. Truly a great resource for women in the community!

-Erica M. 6/16/20

~I've been seeing Annie for a few years now and I must say her commitment to her patients far exceeds any other acupuncturist I've tried. The caliber of care and her dedication to truly finding a solution to whatever challenges you may have is what keeps me coming back for more. She is beyond gifted in her craft and truly helps you heal.
-Lauren R. 3/29/20 

~Annie is a wonderful acupuncturist. Patient and knowledgeable, answering all of my questions. She is a true empath and uses her intuition along with her education. I just feel like she knows me. Very good practitioner overall and super cute wellness space with small touches throughout that bring you into instant ZEN. She has extensive knowledge on herbs for all types of dis-ease in the body.

Also, the location is in the building group with other natural doctors and a yoga studio. Kind of a little island of healthy living options all close together. Customer for life.

-Sara P. 10/02/2019

~Annie is a rare find in a healthcare practitioner! She is a master of her craft and is able to connect with her clients and guide them in their health and wellness journeys. I have seen her for a variety of things - sleep trouble, fatigue, stress management, anxiety, pain - and she has helped me immensely in each area. I always leave her clinic feeling centered, relaxed, and better than when I enter! If you want to work with a person who is caring, gifted, intelligent, and will *listen*, Annie is the one for you."

-Laura D. 11/11/2019

~I love Annie, her kindness and her vast knowledge on Chinesse Medicine, have had a great improvement on my health. I'm so lucky to have found her, she treats me for all my illnesses as menopause, anxiety, digestive issues and I always feel so much better after Annie's treatment.

-Cecilia B. 03/25/2019

~Annie is amazing! I did her cupping treatment combined with gua sha and felt so relieved afterwards! She was very warm, welcoming, and knowledgeable. The facility was great and pristine, and her prices are very affordable. I am a dancer and I have desk job, so my back is all sorts of stress. She was able to release a lot of it after one session. I can't wait to go back. Thank you Annie!

-Deenie 01/03/2019

~I met Annie quite a few years back. Over the years, she has worked on me utilizing various treatments and combinations of to treat issues I was trying to fix. However, what set her apart was her approach to my treatments. She took a holistic approach and not only applied cupping, acupuncture, heat etc., but we considered what the potential underlying causes of the issues were. For example, sessions were often a combination of talking and looking at root causes (mental and physical) instead of just applying a physical modality of treatment. Annie is by far the best at her art. Over the years, she has become a valued friend in addition to a skilled and competent medical professional. I wholeheartedly recommend Annie."

-Patrick N. 01/2019

~Annie is amazing, I highly recommend her she does an amazing job and makes you feel comfortable from the moment you walk into her office. I was new to acupuncture and she made me feel so comfortable and explains things so you understand the process. I always learn alot with Annie.  Thank you Spirit Tree!

-Molly E. 01/01/2019

~I am a lover of many forms of energetic medicine, and am especially fond of acupuncture. Annie offers my favorite, simple 'reset button' treatment to the ears. The five needles aim at the major meridians, and I am good to go. Annie is a also a very conscientious practitioner and wants to make sure she addresses all facets of a client's needs. She takes the initiative to do research on supplemental modalities, and will incorporate them in a holistic approach for her client's wellness.

-Lillian H. 02/2019

~I have had accupuncture by Eastern Medicine practitioners, but none generated the wellness feelings as intense as those after a session with Annie Vedeler. Her welcoming smile, soft manner, and willingness to find the source of pain have made my sessions most productive. Thank-you Annie, for your kind heart.

    -Robin M. 12/14/2018

~I had a great first session with Annie. She is extremely knowledgeable, kind and professional! I immediately relaxed and left feeling much better! I highly recommend.

-Michelle L. 04/24/2017

~Annie is fantastic. I look forward to going back. I use yelp all the time-that's how I found her-yet this is my first review. I have never felt compelled to give a review for any business before but she's so wonderful she deserves the credit/she deserves your business. She earned my business.

    -Meghan M. 03/12/2017

~I had never had acupuncture or any herbal remedy before, but I sought out someone to perform moxibustion to hopefully turn my breech baby at 38 weeks. I was really lucky to find Annie and Spirit Tree. She was really knowledgeable, and put me at ease right away. She talked me through the whole session and was extremely attentive and personable. While I was only in for moxibustion, she also threw in some acupuncture to relax me. It was a really amazing experience. I would definitely refer anyone interested in natural healing therapies to Annie and her practice. She will take great care of you!

    -Lindsey B. 09/09/2013

    ~I have been seeing Annie for about 5 months now for arthritis in my hands. I must say that the pain is no where near where it used to be before I tried acupuncture. Annie is wonderful at what she does and really seems to care about helping you get through your pain, if not eliminating it. I would recommend her services to anyone who is interested in acupuncture. Besides that she is a wonderful caring woman and very easy to talk to about your ailments.

    -Susan F. 02/15/2013

  ~This was my first time trying acupuncture... couldn't be more pleased!!
Annie was my therapist, she walked me through the whole process and
made me feel so comfortable!
She was knowledgeable, friendly, and patient.
I look forward to trying cupping next!!

  -Carrie L. 10/03/2013

~I decided to try acupuncture for stress relief and painful aches in my foot. I purchased a package after the 1st session, it was that amazing and well worth every penny. After 3 sessions, the pain in my foot has not returned. I will keep seeing Annie as she is very knowledgable, caring and eager to put you at ease.

    -Radu M. 10/05/2012

    ~The environment in the clinic was one of peace and serenity. Annie herself, was very sincere, kind and had a healer's presence. She was very attentive to my needs for relaxation and really went beyond what would be expected for a relaxation session. I would highly recommend her for a wellness treatment...you'll really love her!

    -Tara H. 10/05/2012






Testimonials - Tao of Women Clinic in Tempe, AZ

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