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Annie Vedeler is the founder and clinician at Tao of Women Clinic. Like many women, Annie is a born nurturer. Throughout her life she has tried to emulate the qualities of her beautiful heart-centered mom; strong, nature lover, warm, compassionate, curious, full-of-life and nurturing to ALL of life. It is these qualities that Annie brings to her practice of healing women. In fact, the name of her practice is Tao of Women Clinic. "Tao" translates to "The Natural Way", therefore her clinic name translates to "The Natural Way of Women."

It was in Chinese medicine school where she realized she has not only a love of NATURE but a real love of working with women who seek out help in the areas of reproductive medicine, gynecology, infertility, obstetrics, endocrine imbalances, menopause and post-partum. As a woman who was born into a family of 3 attorneys, a software developer and a customer engineer, Annie combines the intellect and analytical nature of one side of her family with the very supportive and nurturing side of her family to bring a unique perspective to her craft of natural medicine. She feels empowered by the strong women she was raised by and she wants to use her healing gifts and problem-solving mind to empower all women on their natural healing journeys. Her mission is to help them discover the beauty and joy of being a strong, healthy, fertile and vital woman and mother.

She holds a master degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Phoenix Institute of Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture where she received the 'Kathy Salisbury Award for Herbal Excellence.' She is nationally recognized as an Oriental Medicine Diplomate with the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (N.C.C.A.O.M)

Annie has a special interest in helping women and couples with fertility challenges.  Nothing makes her smile more than to balance a woman's hormonal state using natural medicine and then watch the couple go on to have a healthy baby after being told by western medicine that they have little to no chance of conceiving.  Jane Lyttleton, Giovanni Macciocia and Randine Lewis are three respected scholars in the reproductive medicine and Chinese medicine field that she has received advanced training from.  Currently, she is working towards her certification with ABORM (American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine). Her post-graduate training includes functional medicine with a focus on treating women's health issues including PCOS, endometriosis and thyroid imbalances including hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis.

During her late 30's she experienced some of her own women's health challenges including painful ovarian cysts, and large fibroids leading to iron deficiency anemia and a tendency towards developing autoimmune disorders.  Experiencing these issues first-hand led her to have a deep and thorough understanding and experience of the natural treatments of these women's health issues and she wants to help other women know that there are natural solutions and you can be free from dysfunction and pain.

When she is relaxing at home you will find the latest studies on fertility or books on Chinese medicine gynecology on her coffee table.  One of her favorites is 'The Infertility Cure' by Randine Lewis, L.Ac, PhD.  Annie is an avid, life-long learner and is continuously curious about these fascinating medical fields and "nerds out" often by delving into her books.

In 2011 she fell in love with her husband Chris who happens to also be an acupuncturist, and his two girls, Jasmine and Heather. She loves animals and gives her nurturing presence to 3 cats (Puka, Olive, and Zen), a bichon frise named Misty Sue, a red miniature poodle puppy named Cherry, a tank of fish, (yes, they all have names too!) and many beautiful plants.  She is grateful everyday for this beautiful life, the ability to choose, our tremendous freedom to be healthy and happy and to be able to share her knowledge, training and skill with other women to show them there is a life free from dis-ease.

Want to meet with Annie to see if she can help you?

All you have to do is request your free consultation so you can meet with Annie to discuss your case. It's a down-to-earth, honest conversation in our office where she will listen to your story and review some of the basics of your medical history.

After you've talked with her and if she feels confident she can help you, you'll have the opportunity to move forward and work on your health challenges with her.

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Who We Are - Tao of Women Clinic in Tempe, AZ

Annie Vedeler, L.Ac

Founder and Clinician

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Annie Vedeler, L.Ac offers Natural Fertility and Women's Health Clinic in Tempe, AZ

Tao of Women Clinic offers safe, effective Natural Fertility and Women's Health Clinic in Tempe, AZ 

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        Who We Are - Tao of Women Clinic in Tempe, AZ    Annie Vedeler, L.Ac offers Natural Fertility and Women's Health Clinic in Tempe, AZ    Tao of Women Clinic offers safe, effective Natural Fertility and Women's Health Clinic in Tempe, AZ